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Do You Need Help with Business Funding?

PLUS: Learn how to do business with Cobb County.

PLUS: Learn how to do business with Cobb County.

Check Out this Information on Business Funding
• None Business must have been established and generating income prior to Jan of 2020
• None Must be located in one of the 29 counties
• None Must show how business was affected negatively by COVID
• None Must demonstrate the ability to pay the loan back with present income
• None Collateral required-(Ex. business assets owned or to be purchased outsi

Updates from The EDGE

We would like to invite your participation in a brief (7–10) minute survey conducted by a doctorate student out of Atlanta, Georgia seeking to identify opportunities to improve the resources available to enhance Black and African American entrepreneurs’ success. By clicking the link below and answering these few questions information will be gathered and shared that can have us assess where the greatest opportunities exist for improvement. This survey is being conducted in Atlanta, Georgia, Char

My Top 5 Cuisines that will make your mouth water🤤

Food is one of the best things that has ever happened to humans. It is essential to our bodies. It unites cultures. Most especially, it makes us happy! As a foodie who eats almost everything, I decided to kick start this blog with a topic I love the most. FOOD. Unfortunately, I could not add all the cuisines I had in mind, but these are the top ones on my list.

Many people love it and it is absolutely worth the hype. It is the popular cheerleader in high school. You can never go wrong with Mexi

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